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Manchester Piccadilly

The main station in Manchester opened in 1842. The Manchester Piccadilly station has more than 20 million passengers per year and is the largest hub station in the city. There are also many long-distance trains to London, Glasgow, Birmingham and Cardiff. There are 14 months in total.

Manchester has an important position in the history of railways. The Liverpool-Manchester Railway, which opened in 1830, was the birthplace of railway passenger transport. In the past 50 years, the city center has been surrounded by a large number of train stations, but now there are only two main railway stations in the city centre - Victoria Railway Station and Piccadilly Railway Station, connecting Manchester and most parts of the UK. There are also several small stations in the city centre: Oxford Road Station, Dianskiy Railway Station and Schalfort Central Station. Although there is no underground railway system in Manchester, there is still a light rail system in the city that connects the city's districts and surrounds Manchester's city centre. The city railway has been popular in the streets of Manchester in a few years. Its fare is similar to that of buses. It leads to the city center and important areas around the city. For example, if you get off the train and want to go to ARNDALE CENTRE, you don't have to go far. The road, directly at the train station by METRO LINK can be reached directly, the fare is only 30 pence.

Manchester International Airport is one of the few British airports with trains, with direct trains to Manchester's main train station, Manchester Piccadilly, in just 15-20 minutes, with a one-way fare price of only 4 pound!


Manchester M60 7RA

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London Euston Manchester Piccadilly 2:05 £38.00 Click to get latest price
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