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Italian Railway

The Italian Railway ((TREN ITALIA) is operated by the Italian National Railway Company (F errovie dello Stato (FS)), which is densely networked and spreads all over the country, and has frequent frequent trips between medium and large cities. For areas not covered by the National Railway, such as: The Vesuvius region and parts of Puglia are supplemented by civilians.  Although the national railway is a comfortable and fast way to travel, it is recommended to leave a little more time in the arrangement of the railway itinerary, because the delay rate of the Italian National Railway is well-known. If it encounters railway maintenance problems, it may even appear for several days. Unable to pass.

Booking and change

Most of the Italian-style trains do not need to be booked, and the number of Yitie trains is dense. Therefore, as long as you have an Italian train pass, you really want to sit down, but night trains and high-speed trains must be booked. However, if you encounter a peak season or a carnival, it is best to book a safer first.

Whether you use the official website of the Yitie, the ticket vending machine, or the counter window, you can book your ticket when you purchase it. Even if you have a train pass, you will have to pay an additional reservation fee when you book. If you need to change your itinerary, you can go to the service window of the station and enjoy a free change. If it is online, you can change it on the Internet.


  • Find the right station There are more than one train station in many big cities in Italy, and sometimes even the central station is not the only gate in the city. The main station in Rome is called Termini, the main station in Florence is called the Firenze SMN, and the Venice is the station in Santa Lucia (VE SL). clear.

  • View timetable There are two main types of timetables. First, the timetable of each train station has a timetable showing the trains that are about to enter and leave the station. The most important thing is to see the train station number. However, the electronic timetable will only list the train schedule information for the past few hours. If you want to check more shifts a day, the easiest way is to find the timetable for the paper on the bulletin board. One side is the departure and the other is the arrival. However, the timetable of the paper cannot display the real-time information. It can only be used as a reference. If there are changes (mistakes or even cancellations), the electronic timetable will prevail. In addition, the i-service desk in the train station can also pick up the railway timetable.

 For the sake of insurance, it is best to go to the ticket vending machine on the platform, click on the block in the lower left corner of the touch screen, and enter the station name, date and time, and various settings. Confirm the time before boarding to avoid changes.

  • Find the platform and confirm the car and carriage

 There is an electronic billboard in front of each platform. The above shows the departure time and destination of the trains on both sides of the platform. Please confirm again before entering the platform.

 On the body of the train and the door connecting the compartments, there will be 1 and 2 signs indicating that the carriage is first class or normal. Tickets for first class are free to choose to sit in all levels of the car, but if you buy a ticket for a normal class, you should be careful not to sit in the first class seat. In addition to indicating the class of the car, there are other signs on the car door that indicate the properties of the car, such as smoking, soft, mobile phone, or disabled seats.

  • boarding If you are buying a local train (R, RV) and other tickets without a designated shift and time, remember to ask for a penalty on the yellow automatic printer (ObbliteratrlCe) before boarding the bus. The so-called "ticketing" is to print the date of activation on the ticket in time. Since the Italian transportation system does not have a ticket gate, anyone can enter the platform at will. If there is no ticket system, even if you use a ticket for several days, the ticket inspector will not know, so you should use it. Asked before the time, let the validity period judged. However, in addition to the local train ®, the Italian train does not need to be marked. Most of the trains have been marked with the date, time and shift, so there is no need to vote. So if you buy a ticket with no date and seat on it, before you get on the train, remember to put the ticket in the automatic marking machine (Obbliteratrice) and stamp it, otherwise you will be fined.    The Italian train's door is semi-automatic. If the train stops at the rail, but the door is closed, don't think that the train has to be driven away. As long as the button light on the door is still on, you can open the door by button; Also, when the train is stopped, you can press the door button. Some old trains have to turn the handle on the door to open. Italian trains also have special services for people with disabilities and the elderly. There will be someone to help with boarding or supporting the car.

  • Looking for a seat

 In addition to the local trains (R, RV), the Italian trains are almost all seated, but if you are holding an Italian pass, take the IC or EC, and do not reserve a seat, usually you can sit down unless you have some seats. The box type car displays "Reserve" on the top, indicating that someone has been positioned. The Le Frecce high-speed train and the night train sleeper must be the same, and you must be seated according to the number you booked.

 There are racks above the seats for carrying carry-on baggage. There is also a large space for large luggage at the front and rear ends of each car. However, Italian law and order is not good, there will be small people who look at foreigners (especially It’s the Orientals, so it’s best to keep your baggage within sight, so it’s not easy to get started.   * Check in the car There is no ticket gate on the Italian train platform. Any left can enter and exit at will, but there will be a ticket inspector on the train. Therefore, you must never take a lucky attitude to ride the fighter car. If you are caught, the consequences will be very serious. To pay a high fine, it is possible to be arrested and leave a bad record.

  • Get off at the station

 Basically, the Italian train is punctual, you can judge when to get off the car according to the time indicated on the timetable, but the delay is also commonplace. It is recommended to confirm whether the station name is the same as the station name on the ticket when you get off the bus.

  • * 2-5 family members (including at least one adult and one child under 15), free for children.
  • * Cannot be changed
  • * Ticket type: e-ticket