Anytime Return (First Class)

BritRail(national rail) Anytime Return (First Class)

Rail System of UK

Over the past 100 years, the British Railways has been under the jurisdiction of the National Railroad Bureau of British Rail (BR) until the British government changed its course, gradually turning the railway into a private, serialized by the National Railways System (BRI) jointly owned by more than 20 private railway companies. Because it is a different private company, the trains and specifications are naturally different. Even more than one company on the same route will provide services during similar periods. Trying the services of different railway companies is also a pleasure in the journey. However, passengers do not have to worry about taking the wrong car when they are riding a car. Just confirm the train on the platform before boarding the car, and check the number of the train next to the door before getting on the bus.

British National Railway Vehicle Equipment

The UK not only has a well-established railway network, but also has extremely advanced trains, which are similar to Germany and France. Since the British railway system is operated jointly by a number of companies, the types and equipment of each company are naturally different. Most trains, whether in first class or second class, can be arranged in two rows, or four people face to face, with a table seat in the center. Long-distance trains usually have a car in the middle, serving hot and cold drinks and simple sandwiches. They can take the East Midlands train and pick up free coffee at the dining bar. First and Virgin's train equipment is novel, with a plug for charging the phone and unlimited internet access.   


  Passengers who are usually on a non-peak or weekend ride can be exempted from booking, but if they are on a peak time (7:00 to 9:00), a continuous holiday, or a long-haul train of more than 3 hours, such as from London to Edinburgh* or呙-class idle trains, scenic trains, overnight trains (sleepers), all need to book in advance according to regulations, in the tourist season, special holidays * also recommended booking; booking tickets on the website can also be booked at the same time. If there is a reservation 'in the second class, the reservation card will be placed on the back of the chair. After the passenger is seated, please keep the reservation card in place so that the ticket inspector can check if necessary.     Train passes do not include booking and sleeper fees, and additional fees are required. Fortunately, you can enjoy the European Union special booking price, but the discount is limited and it is recommended to book early.


In many aspects of the train ride in the UK, it is very similar to Taiwan. The first time the ticket is checked in, the station personnel will check it. The larger station uses the machine gate. If you use a train pass or a roaming ticket, you will find a service. The personnel assisted the gate and presented the ticket. The station that is too small does not even need the first pass. After getting on the bus, the train conductor will come to check the tickets one by one. If you are purchasing tickets with any preferential train card, please show the discount train card to avoid being punished.

  • Confirm the waiting platform and departure status.

Although the waiting platform has been displayed during the online booking, the docks of British trains often change frequently. Therefore, even if the ticket is purchased on the spot, the waiting platform will not be printed on the ticket. Passengers should pay more attention to the electronic billboards in the station hall. .

  • Waiting for the train

Wait until the platform number on the electronic billboard appears before you can enter the waiting room. The large station has to pass through the machine gate. The gate method is the same as that of Taiwan's high-speed rail. After the ticket is inserted, the ticket needs to be withdrawn, and the gate will open. If the train pass or roaming ticket is used, it must be assisted by the service personnel. Show the ticket with the date filled in, the small station has the station staff to check, some mini stations in the suburbs, and even go directly to the platform to ride.

  • Confirm trains and trains

After finding the correct platform, don't see the car go up, and then check the information on the train door carefully. Please be careful not to take the wrong cabin!

  • Looking for a seat

If you have a reservation in advance, you can find your location by seat number. If you don't have a reservation, you can sit down as long as you don't have a seat on the reserved sign. Even if you have inserted a reservation card, you can take a closer look at the reserved section, as long as you have not yet reached the section. You can sit first.

  • On-board ticket inspection

After boarding the train, the ticket inspector will check it one by one. If the ticket is not purchased in advance, the fine is quite high. Even if the ticket can be replenished on the spot, the fare is much higher than the original price. If you use any discount train card purchaser, you need to present the train card together to avoid penalty.

  • Get off at the station There is a station broadcast on the bus, if you are afraid to sit over the station • It is best to pay attention to the scheduled arrival time of the train. In general, the door will open automatically when you arrive at the station. There are only a few commuter trains in the suburbs. You need to extend your hand outside the door and turn the handle from the outside to open the door.
  • Ticket is allowed to take any connection between the departure and arrival
  • Refund is allowed only five days before departure with a penalty of 30% of the ticket value